We developed the world's first health food made from Panax Ginseng (Korean Ginseng) Fruit Extract.

Security and Safety Initiatives

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I.T.B.S Corporation produces health food products with partner factories certified under the JIHFS-GMP, which assures all manufacturing processes from accepting of materials and shipment, including the production management, quality control and structure facilities specifically and appropriately complying to designated management standards and management techniques.

We thoroughly engage in the development of reliable products for our customers to feel safe.

Production Flow of Supplement

Production Flow of Supplement
1.Material Inspection

Inspections are implemented to check if harmful ingredients or microorganisms are contained in the materials


Regular maintenance is conducted on the machinery producing supplements in order to prevent mechanical failure or contamination with foreign substances.


Deformed or scratched products are removed by human hands and machines.

4.To the Quality Check

A few of the selected supplements are again selected and sent to the quality check.

5.The Quality Check

The products are checked to ensure if they contain nutrient components in the designated ammount and no harmful substances are contained.

6.Inspection and Packing

Only products completely assured of their safety through all of the inspections are packed and shipped.

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