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SANJUKEI Calcium Reinforcing Agent Carich

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Features of the Calcium Reinforcing Agent

*Calcium combined with low molecular chitosan promotes calcium absorption in farm products.
*Including lime in soil applications to raise calcium component in vegetables isn't easy, however, it can be done in a shorter time by foliar spray.
*Farm products can be activated and grow healthy because of low molecular chitosan in the agent.

SANJUKEI®Calcium Reinforcing Agent  Carich
Content Weight 1 Litre / 10 Litres
Ingredients Low molecular chitosan, Acetic acid, Calcium chloride dihydrate
Dilution Rate 1 Litres:200 Litres(200 Times)
How to Use Spray foliage 1-3 times between 1 month to 2 weeks before the harvest.

*Store out of the reach of young children.

SANJUKEI Calcium Reinforcing Agent  Carich

The foliar spray with new functions which is ahead of its time!

SANJUKEI Calcium Reinforcing Agent Carich

Suggested Retail Price JPY 2,750 - JPY 20,900(Tax included)
Content Weight
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