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SANJUKEI Soil Improvement Agent Green Earth No.3

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Agricultural Revolution

For ecosystem integrity ! Reliable and safe farm products!

In Japan, pesticides and chemical fertilizer, such as disinfectants, sterilizers and insecticides have been used for vegetable and fields crops for a long time.
As a result, while harmful bacteria and insects have been killed, useful bacteria and insects have also been killed, and insects which provide chitin and chitosan have significantly decreased.
Therefore it resulted in few good bacteria which live in fields, and this caused an increase in bad bacteria ( filamentous fungus).
Green Earth No.3 is a soil improvement agent which was developed for the purpose of returning soil to its original healthy condition and environment where chitin (insects) and plants can live together.

SANJUKEI®Soil Improvement Agent Green Earth No.3

Features of Chitin and Chitosan

*Chitin activates plant cells, as a result, crops grow up soundly.
*Increases good bacteria (actinomyces) to prevent the increase of bad bacteria( filamentous fungus).
*Improves flora in soil for higher agricultural productivity.
*Promotes the formation of soil aggregation for better extension of roots.
*Improves the permeability and breathability of soil.
*Improves the manure effect.

Content Weight 20 Litres
Ingredients Low molecular chitosan 3%, Lactic acid
How to Use * Foliar spray
Dilution rate: 500〜800 times
Spray interval: Immerse plants into the diluted product before permanent planting. Regarding seedlings, spray on their foliage.
*Soil application and watering
Dillution rate: 300〜500 times
Spray interval: Spray before permanent planting and then water.

*Store out of the reach of young children.

SANJUKEI Soil Improvement Agent Green Earth No.3

Chitin and chitosan contribute to reliable and safe agriculture.

SANJUKEI Soil Improvement Agent Green Earth No.3

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